Learn to play the confident way…with Mentor2Move!

Mentor2Move Challenge

Attention Sharon Students:  Mentor2Move has released a challenge for you to get active! If you missed the LIVE broadcast on 2/18/21, check it out above.   Once you check out some of the mentoring videos…share it with Mentor2Move by clicking on the Google Form submission link below.  Share a photo of you getting active and we may feature you on our site! 

We hope that Mentor2Move inspires you to be more active, fit, and confident about physical activity.

Google Form Submission Link (Click Here)

Upcoming Opportunities

About Mentor2Move

The startup of Mentor2Move began with looking at the history of our school district at Sharon.  Almost every year, a team from our high school has had the privilege of moving onto the state level.  Our school district celebrates this great accomplishment with a “Tiger Tunnel” or a parade of athletes walking through our high school and elementary schools.  The parade of athletes provides inspiration for students, especially at the elementary level.  This positive event inspires young children to want to be like their favorite high school athlete.  So we asked ourselves, “what if the high school athlete could go a step further and inspire/motivate them to be active?” 

Mentor2Move was created by thinking about the “Tiger Tunnels” that celebrate athletes and their accomplishments.  Our website addresses a local problem that we found- over 40% of elementary students do not know the appropriate skills or feel confident enough to try a sport.  Mentor2Move highlights local high school athletes and alumni encouraging local youth to get active in physical activity/sports.  Mentors, high school athletes and alumni, create short mentoring videos to mentees, area youth, about areas of expertise in the sport in which they actively participate. As a result, area youth have the opportunity to feel encouraged to participate, more confident to try-out, and ultimately make the decision to become part of a team or just more active at home. 

With Mentor2Move, we have learned that kids are more inspired by athletes when they have a personal connection. It’s so much more exciting and motivating to be mentored by someone you know and look up to.  This project allows multiple generations to participate, including high school athletes/alumni (mentors) and also elementary children (mentees).  We hope that Mentor2Move inspires children from our community to be more active, fit, and confident about physical activity.

Learn to play the confident way with Mentor2Move!