Basketball (Girls)

Stretching & Warm-ups

Mentor2Move Athletes: India McGee, Julian Hurst, and Jaysina Sellars

India McGee

“In order to play for your school team, you have to have good grades and work outside of practice, especially to be good at basketball.”

This coming season India will be playing her 3rd year of volleyball. She is also a basketball player and a sophomore at Sharon High School. Volleyball has taught her to stay dedicated and helps her with teamwork. Sports also have taught her to work hard and achieve goals she has set for herself.

Jaysina Sellers

“The clock is always ticking. Play every game like it is your last.”

Jaysina has played basketball since elementary school.  She has also been on the girls’ basketball team throughout her high school career, earning a varsity letter all 4 years.  Jaysina also participates in AAU basketball.  Jaysina has earned recognition being named to the District 10 Girls Basketball First Team.  She is close to achieving the outstanding  achievement of becoming one of the few 1,000 point scorers in Mercer County.  Jaysina has also received recognition for outstanding academic achievement. After High school she plans to attend college where she will continue her basketball career while pursuing a degree in physical therapy. Her teammates have taught her to never give up and stay dedicated.

Julian Hurst

“To be successful you have to be willing to earn it.  Success doesn’t just come to you. You have to put forth hard work and determination. “

Jules is in her first season with the girls basketball team and  has contributed with hard work and leadership.  She has also participated in track and field throughout middle school and  all four years of high school. Jules also participated in 2 years of wrestling, 1 year on the swim team, and 1 year on the football team. Outside of school, she competes in Sokol Gymnastics and has for the past 10 years. She has earned an academic letter for her outstanding academic achievements and is active in community service. After high school, she plans to attend college and pursue a degree in physical therapy.