Fielding and Swinging

Mentor2Move Athletes: Sully Brown and Dante Currie

Sully Brown

“It’s not about how bad you want it, it’s about how hard you’re willing to work for it.”

Sully began playing baseball as soon as he learned to throw a ball, probably around 2 years old! He began organized baseball at 5 years old with T-ball, and has played every year since. He currently plays on his high school baseball team, as well as a travel baseball team. In addition, from the time Sully was 7 years old until he was 15 years old he played ice hockey. Sully also played golf his freshman through senior years in high school.

Dante Currie

“Sports have taught me that anything is possible with hard work, perseverance, and most importantly determination.”

Dante is a junior at Sharon High School and plays baseball and football. Since he was 5, he has been playing baseball and even played on a travel team for two years. He started on the varsity baseball team as a freshman at Sharon High School. Dante plays third base, left field, and is also a closing pitcher. In 10th grade, Dante is on the football team has lettered for two years. His favorite position is defensive end. Dante also began lifting and training in 7th grade and placed third overall in the 2019 Mercer County Powerlifting Meet.