Soccer (Boys)

Shooting, Shielding, and Passing

Mentor2Move Athletes: Lucas D’Angelo and Ben Pollock

Ben Pollock

“You learn more from your failures than your successes.”

Ben has been involved in Sharon Soccer for three years, and he is a sophomore at Sharon High School. Soccer has allowed Ben to make friends outside of his circle and let him put his teamwork skills to work. Ben has also been involved in the Sharon Robotics Program for 5 years, and he participates in a FIRST Robotics  community team that is based in Sharon, PA.

Lucas D’Angelo 

“If these achievements have taught me anything, it is to always look forward to the future when times become difficult, because life will always get better with hard work.”

Lucas has been involved in many things throughout his schooling career in the Sharon City School District. He began by joining the FLL Tiger Techs Robotics team in 5th grade and worked with them until he was in the 9th grade. Lucas continued his robotics career in the 10th grade on the FTC Sharon High Robotics Team, and he is still working with them as a senior. In 11th grade, Lucas joined the FIRST Robotics Competition Team,  Not the Droids You Are Looking For and is still part of that team as a senior. Along with robotics, he has been a member of many bands including concert, marching, pep, and jazz since 7th grade. For his senior year season, Lucas is the Marching Band President. When it comes to sports he has been a member of the Sharon Soccer team since 7th grade and has played tennis since 10th grade. Lucas is a member of the National Honor Society. Two summers ago, he began his own lawn care business, serving many clients in the surrounding community.