Passing and Setting

Mentor2Move Athletes: India McGee and Kurtasia Chester

India McGee

“In order to play for your school team, you have to have good grades and work outside of practice.”

This coming season India will be playing her 3rd year of volleyball. She is also a basketball player and a sophomore at Sharon High School. Volleyball has taught her to stay dedicated and helps her with teamwork. Sports also have taught her to work hard and achieve goals she has set for herself.

Kurtasia Chester

“When you feel like stopping, think about why you started.”

Kurtasia in a freshman at Sharon High School and has been playing volleyball since 7th grade.  On the volleyball team, Kurtasia is an outside hitter and a defense specialist.  In addition to volleyball, she has played softball and basketball from 5th grade to 9th grade.  On the basketball team she is a varsity point guard.  Kurtasia has also been active as a cheerleader for three years.